Water Front Property


Canadian loves summer especially after long winter, therefore a lot of Canadian has affection and affiliation with outdoor activities.  Most of Canadian either own or rent cottages in the summer and even during winter.  Canada has a lot of fresh water lakes and you will find them in Peterborough County, Kawartha, Bancroft and Halliburton’s areas, these areas has an abundances of lakes and rivers.  Purchasing Water Front Property (WFP) has its own challenges, you need to have an understanding for critical items that will impacts value of property before you decided to put your hard earn money in purchasing WFP.
You need assistance from real estate professional to guide you and educate you about Pro’s and Con’s when it comes to WFP.  Here are few items you need to be aware off the following:

  • Environment Control
  • Zoning and by-laws
  • Types of water front (deep lake, shallow lake, boat access & restriction)
  • Road Shore allowance
  • Lake access
  • Deed restriction
  • Easement
  • Types of Well and water quality
  • Types of Septic system
  • Road access
We are here to help in making right decision with extensive experience in buying and selling real estate in Peterborough County We can help and provide with right advice to make right decision.  We can recommend professional services such lawyer, property inspection and moving services.